GP-Dynamics – Custom Programming a TSQL Collection

I stumbled upon this a new Dynamics GP site tonight, This site lists nearly one hundred useful SQL scripts to use when working with Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system. I glanced down the list of scripts and dipped into some of them and it all looked like a good resource.

The site is orientated towards selling a technical manual on Dynamics GP, but this section is free. Of the scripts I looked at, some of them were naive, but not dangerous. Certainly enough to get out of jail free, I certainly would have relished such a resource back in 2001 when I started with GP, as it happens I have strikingly similar resource of scripts I’ve built up myself on my hard drive. A couple of examples from the site to give you the idea follow;

9.  Order Comments
Display all comments for a particular order.. (viewed 1490 times)

10.  How to unlock a Dynamics user
This is useful in solving Dynamics GP error: "User is already logged-in" when you are trying to log .. (viewed 3397 times)


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Smart Connect for Dynamics GP Webinar

I attended a webinar today hosted by Touchstone’s Dominic Houlbrooke-Bowers, about Smart Connect for Dynamics GP


There are two ways to summarise this product from this demo (i’ve not yet read more);

Replacement for integration manager using eConnect to enforce the busines rules, providing a richer and much faster experience than integration manager.
A power user graphical user interface for eConnect

It has some very powerful extra features too like  push from internet placed excel or info path forms to web services and into GP.

Product description


Windows Media Services & Windows 2008

Win2008 I missed something important about Windows Media Services WMS in Windows 2008. A lot of the features that were previously only available in Windows 2003 datacenter or Windows 2003 Enterprise editions are standard in Windows 2008! Yipee and about time!

The inability to write custom authentication plugins except for the advanced windows versions prevented an old project from actually being viable. Now custom authentication plugins will work for me.

The new 2008 version is reportedly much more efficient and up to some serious traffic and has some other very relevant to features to some work I cant talk about;


Grid computing to barcode recognition…

Sunderland University (UK), Grid Computer

The Institution of Engineering and Technology - The IET On the 9th Feb 2009 I went along to an IET evening lecture hosted by the University of Sunderland Centre for Internet Technologies. It was about the grid computer they have built there where you can read more about it on their site.

There is also a quick item about the event here (I’m at the front),

IET presentation on 3D computer rendering using the grid computing facility at the University of Sunderland.

CIT has trialled four different rendering applications on the grid - Autodesk 3DS Max, Maxon Cinema 4D, NetTek Lightwave and Blender - and the presentation focused on the outcome of the trials.

The lecture was well attended by a mixture of IET members, students, and others with an interest in the subject. Following the presentation, a practical demonstration of the grid was given to attendees.

I have to say I was really impressed at the environment the students there get to work and the grid computer facility itself was interesting. Points that stick in my mind were;