SSMS locked / frozen after network disconnect or computer sleep

When both the following are true:

  • the machine is woken from sleep or the network connection has been interrupted to SQL server
  • SQL Server Managment Studio Activity Monitor was open on a tab somewhere in the editor deck in SSMS.

-then It will be no longer be possible to interact with SSMS. It will feel like the SQL Server Management Studio has crashed or has frozen.

The cause

SSMS crashing as a result of connection lost or sleep  is caused by the modal dialog indicating the loss of connection for the activity monitor popping up in a modal mode behind the application surface somewhere. You cannot see this window by right clicking on the application in the bar, but it IS there. Modal mode prevents interaction with any other windows in the applicaiton until that modal window is closed.


The Fix

To get up and running again, click ALT+Tab until you find the pesky dialog window, then click OK on that window to dismiss it. SSMS will spring back to life. This is a regular occurrance for me after computer sleeps and I’ve been monitoring the SQL server.