SQL Sever Management Studio Auto-save / Auto-Recover location

My SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) rarely prompts to auto recover unsaved work. It is possible to get back “lost” work. Anything not saved is stored in the location below even if I have not created a solution. Hence by opening these ~AutoRecover files it is possible to get your work in progress back from the dead.

Sometimes this location or folder does nt exist when I want to recover after a windows update restart. By right clicking on the folder above and selecting previous versions in windows explorer, I get my auto saved files back…

I usually work with multiple SSMS instances open (multitasking on operational and development issues) and wonder if this may be the reason I never get prompted on opening SSMS when there are files that can be recovered?

C:\Users{user}\Documents\SQL Server Management Studio\Backup Files\Solution1