Locking or freezing or hanging voiding sales order/quote in Dynamics GP

This is a really niche problem, as I have not already found it on the internet, I thought it worth posting.


When a user tries to void a sales document in Dynamics GP SOP Entry, the user session would hang. Lock escalation in SQL would then follow due to the blocking causing performance to be affected for other users.

Checking in SQL activity, the problem is from two different connection sids but from the same user concerned blocking each other.

Example SQL associated with those sessions is:


select count(*) from IS010001
where SOPNUMBE='11111'
and SOPTYPE=2 and LNITMSEQ=16384 and CMPNTSEQ=0

The issue looked to be linked to the manufacturing module dictionary being installed but the module was not fully configured. It was not being used.

Partial Solution

Taking the manufacturing module references out of DEX.INI of the client GP folder stopped the locking.


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  • Old issue but we are seeing it. No other hits found except yours.

    We've started seeing this since upgrading from GP 10 to GP 2013R2. I cannot find any other mention of this particular issue and we cannot remark out the manufacturing module as it is in use.

    Any idea what part of the code, table, or field value in this module is being blocked with the zDP_BM010115F_1 Stored procedure?

    Blocked Processes over 60 Seconds on GP Server xxxxxx
    TheHeadBlocker of the blocking chain on the listed server:
    __________________________________________________________________________TimeStamp: Aug 18 2015  8:48AM
    SPID: 108
    Login Name: Rebecca.Boaz  
    NT Domain:      
    NT Username:
    Host Name:
    Program Name:                                                                                                                                
    Wait Type: OLEDB/Miscellaneous
    Maximum Wait Time For Blocked Thread: 133389 Input Buffer: ATI.dbo.zDP_BM010115F_1;1
  • I suspect you will have to pull in a GP consultant to get to the bottom of it.
    Unfortunately for  you, we are not using manufacturing at the moment (although we are intending to start using it sometime in the future), thus I didn’t even start digging very deep on the cause.

    Thoughts are to try doing some sql maintenance, make certain that your indexes and stats on the database are defragmented and up to date (thinking if timing issue between two threads in the GP process).
    Turning GP debugging on to see what is “going on”  around that moment both in terms of the SQL scripts and GP scripts.

    Those tables are bills of material and manufacturing orders to sales orders links. I assume GP is checking that there are no orders that are going to be affected by voiding the document in the manufacturing module.

    Might be worth rebuilding those stored procedures too in case they have not updated correctly as you have gone through a complicated upgrade
    for interest

    the zDP are the “auto procedures”
    The tables will be the link tables and bill of material tables.
    Back up though before you do, might be interesting to take copy of stored procedures and do win merge after to see if any changed.

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