Implementing the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client–Book Review

Implementing the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web ClientERP systems are migrating to the near zero deployment of web browser delivery and consumption. With Microsoft’s release of the GP Web Client, Dynamics GP is now no exception. Ian Grieve has produced a book that brings lucidity to the process of installing and configuring the GP Web Client and server.

Ian is a figure well known in the Dynamics GP community and has been recognised as such by the awarding of Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) status. In this book Ian imparts his wealth of experience and disseminates the knowledge he has brought back from the field, where he is working as a busy Dynamics consultant. In his role he has been exposed to an assortment of company requirements and environments that has helped shape this book.

I read the book whilst preparing for my first web deployment. I was grateful for the help with the daunting, multifaceted nature of a Dynamics GP Web Client and server install. The book is excellent for the impatient or time pressed professional needing to get up to speed quickly with this new member of the Dynamics GP system. The pages provide a well-lit path through the process of getting to a functional GP Web Client and server install, quickly and without having to wade though manuals and online guides.

The structure of Ian’s book breaks the system down, addressing each part separately, in a step by step manner. It is rich in supporting screen shots, providing continuous reassurance at each step, feeling much like a colleague has provided you with a much toiled over build script. Although it is valuable to the configuration and installation of the GP Web Client, the book may also facilitate

in comprehending an overview of the install for system administrators too.

Subjects covered also include those important to the end user such as integration with Microsoft Office applications and SQL Server Reporting Services through Silverlight. The limitations of the Web Client are also covered together security set ups. I must praise the inclusion of a troubleshooting section, inevitably needed in any complex server system for configuration and on-going reference.

Dynamics GP is a little sparse in supporting professional grade technical literature, it is good that Ian has written this solid guide to help address that shortage.

Review by T.Wappat

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