Dynavistics acquire rights to Trinity (m-hance) source code

The news article linked below reveals that Dynavistics have acquired rights to develop the Myridas products that were acquired themselves by m-hance when they absorbed Trinity Computers during the m-hance acquisition run that achieved a 45% sales growth for the m-hance in 2012.

Dynavistics Acquires the Right to Develop Trinity ISV Applications for Microsoft Dynamics ® GP, for the Americas from its UK Partner, m-hance Limited

Is this a good move?

Dynavistics have distributed the products for five years, developing a strong US user base. Through this history they have gained a good understanding of the product suite and customer requirements. No doubt, from this, they have a good idea where they are going to take the product suite for its next phase.

Module list as it stood:

myridas module screenshot

Dynavistics are planning to create a Dexterity developer team in Tampa Florida USA, to develop and support the products going forward, a sure sign of commitment. Dynavistics have had success with sales of the Myridas suite of products over the last few years, hence it makes total sense for m-hance to licence the intellectual property to Dynavistics, with a proven record. Geographically positioned in the perfect location, within the largest market for GP Dynavistics become custodians of the product for the foreseeable future. Due to their focus on GP it is certain the we will see some interesting output in the near future that will benefit both companies.

This news must be a positive for the m-hance products, ensuring they have a secure future in trusted hands thus allowing them to flourish. I expect developments to include updates to allow compatibility with the newer cloud based architectures that are going to be common in new installs of GP with the improved web client arriving in GP 2016.