Dynamics GP Word Templates does not give option for “Template” in Report Destination Window

It all started when I went to do some work on Word Templates in Dynamics GP after a long absence from them (thankfully). This involved setting up a new template, I lost lots of time and then realised my whole Word template experience was broken.

Other users were using word templates making me feel inadequate as I struggled trying to print a PO.

The standard report destination window looks like the window on the left, if word templates are installed then the word “Template” is displayed for type, or is available in the combo box.

Report Destination Window normalReport Destination Window Word Template

I just could not get the Template option working. I left work and came back to it another day, again with little luck on day two.

I switched from test into production and back again, tried removing/resetting configs, scouring the permissions and accesses to reports, all to no avail.

After a few hours I went to login on another machine, it worked, so not my permissions.

I tried reinstalling GP, still nothing, uninstalled GP and reinstalled, still nothing, reinstalled the client image the standard users use and still nothing.

Then I stumbled on this post among many I was referring to during my painful trek:

Creating a Word Template for Dynamics GP

This reminded me of something I already had stored in the back of my memory, that templates has some dependencies. In fact the reason I had reinstalled GP twice was to try to ensure that all dependencies were installed, I did run from the bootstrap setup.exe by the way. Anyway, the post said,

You must have two applications installed before beginning this process:  Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On for Word and Open XML SDK 2.0 for Microsoft Office.

I went to check in my installed programs, it was listed. I thought by this point that I had nothing to loose and everything to gain so uninstalled and reinstalled the Open XML SDK 2.0 for Microsoft Office.

Guess what, all of a sudden after too many hours stomping around the building in a bad mood Word Templates sprang to life again! Yay! Now what was it I was supposed to do a few days back…?