Dynamics GP syContentPageXMLCache cannot find table

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Frequently this dialog pops up on my dynamics GP,

A remove range operation on table ‘syContentPageXMLCache’ cannot find the table

A remove range operation on table sycontentpagexmlcache cannot find the table

It happens after leaving the PC overnight or for prolonged periods during the day. The issue stems from the fact that the machine is set to go to sleep in Windows power management settings, if left unattended for any length of time.
Luckily I identified this immediately due to previous experience diagnosing slow downs in GP due to GP reminders and the home page also an issue with particular user who gets a dead lock from the building of the home page, causing GP to lock up. The home page has a rendering engine to produce it, and it uses XML internally to build, hence the reference to XML in the error. See below for some of the various scripts running to build the homepage.

Line 25: F DeleteForUserID() of form syHomePageLayout                               
Line 26: F DeleteRange() of form syHomePageLayout                                   
Line 28: F Delete() of form syHomePageLayout                                        
Line 93: P SetColumnLayout of form syHomePage  f                                    
Line 94: P SetColumnLayout of form syHomePage                                       
Line 95: P SetColumnStackPosition of form syHomePage                                
Line 96: P SetPageMode of form syHomePage                                           
Line 97: F Commit() of form syHomePage                                              
Line 100: F Get() of form syHomePage                                                
Line 101: F Create() of form syHomePage                                             
Line 102: P Release of form syHomePage                                              
Line 125: F GetColumnStackPosition() of form syHomePage                             
Line 128: F GetColumnStackPositionForUser() of form syHomePage                      
Line 136: P Destroy of form syHomePage                                              
Line 137: P ClearRange of form syHomePageLayout                                     
Line 138: P Destroy of form syHomePageLayout                                        
Line 139: F Get() of form syHomePageLayout                                          
Line 140: P AddNew of form syHomePageLayout                                         
Line 141: P SetIndex of form syHomePageLayout                                       
Line 142: F Create() of form syHomePageLayout                                       
Line 143: P RangeWhere of form syHomePageLayout                                     
Line 145: F Commit() of form syHomePageLayout                                       
Line 146: P SetMode of form syHomePageLayout                                        
Line 147: P SetSelected of form syHomePageLayout                                    
Line 148: P SetDictID of form syHomePageLayout                                      
Line 149: P SetColumnNumber of form syHomePageLayout                                
Line 150: P SetSequenceNumber of form syHomePageLayout                              
Line 151: P SetMetricSequence of form syHomePageLayout                              
Line 152: P SetVisible of form syHomePageLayout                                     
Line 165: syHomePageLayout                                                      
Line 166: syHomePage                                                            
Line 185: syHomePageLayout                                                      
Line 186: syHomePage                                                            
Line 205: syHomePageLayout                                                      
Line 206: syHomePage    

GP creates SQL server temp tables to support the home page functionality and cache some of the data generated. By design SQL temp tables only exist as long as that SQL session is kept active (if user scoped). So if the machine goes to sleep, the SQL session that GP has held open, to maintain the existence of the temp table is eventually closed by SQL server due to inactivity. On closing the session the table is removed from SQL.
The user then wakes the machine, and performs an action, for example selecting a shortcut, causing GP to try and work with the temp table to render the Home page again. This action fails as the table is no longer there and the error pops up. The number ##2420326 is actually the table name in SQL that has been dropped. Temp tables are preceded with # or ## depending on the scope.

Invalid object name #2420326

On closing GP, in these circumstances, it is not unexpected to the get the “FP: Couldn’t close table!” error. Caused by table that was never closed correctly due to it not existing…

FP: Couldn't close table!

Recently a fault on a network connection was also causing this to sporadically happen. The network was lost from time to time on a particular machine, resulting in the same error occurring.


The only way of preventing the error is to prevent the network connection from dropping. Hence disable any power management settings that cause sleep, if on Terminal Server or Citrix environment, look at the way sessions are handled and kept alive.

If this is not the cause, then its time to check for faulty network adapters, network configuration or hardware.