Bad Power Value from searching on master number in sales transaction smartlist–Dynamics GP

Searching on the Master Number field in the normal Sales Transactions smart list in Dynamics GP can cause an error to occur. In the following screenshot you can see the search, nothing odd there?

Sales Transaction Smart List

However on executing the search the following error occurs:

Unhandled script exception:
Bad power value

This is shown below, both the screenshots are of the same dialog, with the error scrolled down to read it.


Error dialog: Unhandled script exception Bad Power Value

What  causes this? The error from an internet search seems to occur in reporting when formatting numbers into text, this was the clue I needed. If someone has configured the master number field to be formatted with a comma separator, then this will make the field unsearchable due to this error.

To correct the issue, check the format of the field. Click modify on the smart list results window, this will launch the SmartList Builder window. Locate the Master Number Field and click its display name to get the row selected. Then click the field options icon as shown in the screen shot below.

Smart list builder

The field options window will open, uncheck any formatting in this window, in this case, take off the show thousands separator.

Set Field Options smart list builder

Save the options window and then the SmartList Builder window.

Attempting the same search again will now work normally with no exceptions.

Inspired from the forum post: Sales Transactions Smartlist - error searching for Master Number

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