(Finally) Say goodbye to windows XP, VDI is here for 2015

Give those Citrix and VM Ware sales people a pat on the back (and thank Microsoft for pulling XP support too). It seems that government customers are jumping into the world of VDI for 2015. Since the start of the year I’ve been fielding a stream of calls as new VDI projects kick off, to replace Windows XP based infrastructure. I expect that the sales people from VM Ware and Citrix will be getting some hefty bonuses with all these large projects underway!

It seems from my anecdotal, totally unscientific measurements that:

XenApp and Thin App are sharing the market 50%:50%.

C# & VB.NET how to control licenses on VDI environments?

The challenge this has brought to me is having to re-evaluate how we control software licencing for these customers in the new world of virtualised applications and desktops. In this new world of Application Virtualisation, the way this was historically implemented fails and also the licence model is out-dated. Our options are limited as the customers for this particular software work in a secure environment with no internet access (imagine that world…), so online licence validation is not easy. This leads to emailed key files and on premise  license servers.

If you are not keeping pace with what is happening out there, do some professional development, lookup desktop application streaming, application virtualisation and specifically

  • VMware - Thin App (Horizon view)
  • Citrix - XenApp
  • Microsoft - App-V.