Extender–you do not have access to open this window

You might have this problem where Dynamics GP claims “you do not have access to open this window”. The extender manual tells the basics of setting up security for extender to allow access to windows, it does not mention that the inquiry windows have their own security section or my stupidity.

Extender - You do not have access to open this window

I will not entirely repeat how to set security in extender, other blogs and the user guide helps on the detail, but in summary:

Set up a Security Task, name it something useful, then be aware if this is an enquiry (inquiry) window you need to find the check box under Extender>>Extender Resources>>Inquiries for the window in question and then check it.

Also note to ensure that you are not working in a test company because while you are debugging an issue, it is all too easy to find yourself in another company, thinking you are changing the permissions for the production company, when you are not.(I am not admitting to anything there…but we’ve all done it all too often right?!)

Below is the inquiry version of the window security.

Extender>Extender Resources>Inquiries Showing extender security

Here is normal version.

Extender>Extender Resources>Windows

I hope this helps someone out, let me know with a comment if it did!

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  • hi,
    above article is very helpful. thanks for the posting. Smile
  • Hi Tim,
    I discovered another oddity of Extender.. one resource you assign to a GP security task in one company, is not automatically available in all the other companies, like it would assumed for regular GP resources..
    Users were coming up to tell me that an Extender form that was working in company ABC was not opening (not even visible) in company XYZ.. After digging around with GPPT, which couldn't help me, I got suggested by David that the security tasks might have their own ID's for Extender resources.. Which turned out to be true and I had to add the Extender resource to the GP Taks I created in each company.

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