GPUG Summit 2016 Tampa USA - Part 5

Sadly Last Summit Day started with a last walk into the conference centre along the river walk with its art works, miniature trams and other artefacts along the way.


Today Bob starts the day off announcing next year’s summit details, Nashville October 2017.

Summit 2017

He also lets us know what the other events look like. Note how reIMAGINE has been made earlier to deal with the issue of too many days out the office next to each other. We also see AMPLIFY back again. Some were wondering if this would be come an biannual or on demand event, but it looks like its annual for now.



The GPUG all star awards were awarded and I got to have a close look at Amber’s award, she was so happy!



Steve Endow and I had an advanced .NET developer session in the afternoon that was fun. I brought some IoT kit through airport security, for the session to demo and also talked about harnessing GP protocol handers for your own applications. Steve showed some really cool demos using reflection to attach buttons dynamically and without programming to GP windows among other things. I was expecting eight people on a Friday afternoon session and for something as specialist as our session, so when I counted thirty people while Steve was talking I was quite amazed – thank you, every one of you for turning up.



With that it was time for most people to go home. My flight was not until Saturday afternoon, so was potentially on a lonely last evening.
What better way to end the week, Belinda Allen asked me to join herself, Jen Kuntz, Aaron Back, John Lowther and Mark Polino for dinner. I was feeling a bit star struck in such company!

THANK YOU EVERYONE for the experience and friendship.


Saturday Morning

I explored Tampa central library, that has linking walkways between buildings, some curious books and a train in the kids book section.


I then checked out the Art Museum – and it was family day so I got in free! – bonus!

We are spoilt with the big arts museums we have at home, but it was nice to potter around. While I was sitting deciding what to do next Jen tweeted that she was heading to the airport via a cheap shuttle. I contacted her to find the details and arranged to meet up for the shuttle.


I grabbed a lovely lunch at the Duckweed Urban Grocery store/cafe, a great place to check out if you are in Tampa.


I then got the hotel shuttle to meet Jen and started the long trek back to the United Kingdom. Arriving home on Sunday afternoon, having bypassed a nights sleep.

jen and Tim

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GPUG Summit 2016 Tampa USA - Part 3
GPUG Summit 2016 Tampa USA - Part 4


GPUG Summit 2016 Tampa USA - Part 4

I got invited to be interviewed by the Enterprise Software Podcast. As a listener for some time now, I couldn’t turn the offer down…


While at summit, there were a couple of particular presenters that I wanted to see presenting sessions. I got to catch a session by Belinda Allen, I loved her casual confident presenting style.


I also caught session by Leslie Vail where she did some crazy things with Dynamics GP word Templates, you could tell lots of hours had gone into the preparation on that presentation and I did learn a few tricks that I will apply back at base.


There were other sessions and events going on that I caught too..



After a long day I ended up walking up though town past the Tampa Theatre to the far end of the river walk, to the water park, noticing cycle tyre pumps and more art works on the way. It was fun to see that the freight train also goes right through the city streets along the track I walk over each day. This explains the loud horn that goes off each night as it hoots its way through the city traffic!


picture house


water park 2pumpwaterPArk



GPUG Summit 2016 Tampa USA - Part 1
GPUG Summit 2016 Tampa USA - Part 2
GPUG Summit 2016 Tampa USA - Part 3
GPUG Summit 2016 Tampa USA - Part 5

GPUG Summit 2016 Tampa USA - Part 3

Microsoft at the area on the previous day (day zero), was a controversial late add-on to Summit. It was now day one of summit “proper”, after intros from Bob, Errol Shoenfish took to the stage and showed us power apps and talked Dynamics GP road maps and more.



Obviously we all wanted to see the road map for GP. For the duration of summit they emphasised that development and investment in GP continues on, as it does with the rest of the Dynamics family.


This was illustrated by this slide.


Amber caught me and handed me something later in the day, this was awesome, Amber remembered, from earlier in the year, to bring the magazine with her that had my article in it! Thanks Amber you are an *all* star!


I also met and had a very long chat to Todd exchanging war stories and talking about the market for ISVs in this new, uncertain world we are entering. Turns out Todd was at some of the m-hance events like the infamous Nottingham customer day, but I never met him at the time. 


I really didn’t anticipate being stopped a few times during the day and being thanked by people for my blog or help i had offered on the GP forums. This was a new experience, this kind of acknowledgement was a real boost to my mood.

I got talking to Adam Juechter from Microsoft Azure IoT hub about IoT. I guess he was happy to find someone that actually knew what MQTT and CAN bus, service bus and other terms meant. I discovered a lot talking to him, more information to take home and play with. I didn’t realise how enterprise ready and robust the Azure IoT infrastructure has become, since last time I looked at it, admittedly some time ago now.

I enjoyed presenting with Steve Endow, a session on high volume integrations. It was a tool agnostic, non-developer session that I thought worked well. Between us we have done A LOT of complicated GP integrations, so there was some real experience between us to field the questions at the end of the session. 

I also spent time going to some other sessions and had lots of chats by the water coolers with other delegates. 

Night time


In the evening Steve Endow took me out on an adventure, away from the safety of the conference part of town and on my first Uber taxi ride experience. Everyone knows that Steve takes his friends to be best places in town. He found an “unusual” restaurant, perfect for two vegetarians like us to eat, a pretty swish place it was that he found!

The Uber drivers picking us up and dropping us off both said we were lucky to get in this establishment, they would know, it being based at a gas station! Honestly you had to go through the gas station mini-mart to go to the washrooms, that were actually located on the outside wall of the gas station – Steve the experience was priceless!
It has to be said, the food was really good and I enjoyed some down time away from the noise and bustle of the summit, getting to know a bit more about Steve in the process.

… and finished the day with a walk back to the hotel, admiring the fountains by the STRAZ performing arts building... and the atmosphere on a warm evening.



GPUG Summit 2016 Tampa USA - Part 1
GPUG Summit 2016 Tampa USA - Part 2
GPUG Summit 2016 Tampa USA - Part 4
GPUG Summit 2016 Tampa USA - Part 5


GPUG Summit 2016 Tampa USA - Part 2

Microsoft had the Ice Hockey Arena booked for at 2pm for a launch of Dynamics 365, so I had the morning, I headed out first thing and discovered that the hotel offers a free shuttle bus to anywhere within 2 miles of the hotel. This turned out to be a god send over the week, gave me some mobility. I took the shuttle to the Publix I’d seen the night before and picked up a couple of bags worth of snacks for the week and some more to bring back home to the UK. I had not brought my USA SIM enabled phone out with me so couldn’t call the shuttle to pick me up, but knowing the way I decided to walk over to the convention centre where the kind people at reception called them for me.

Waiting at the curb side for the shuttle I spotted a familiar face, walking with purpose my way, wearing in-ear headphones. It was Jen Kuntz – Canadian GP MVP! I called out and luckily was correct it was her. This was the start of the unusual experiences that summit ended up consisting of. Being in the UK you feel very detached from what is at heart a US/Canadian product community, the internet and social media helps a little, but it is rare you get to meet people from the community in the UK. On this trip I ended up  meeting people I have known for, in some cases many, many years, through phone calls, reading their blogs, by email enquiries over products or problems, or interacting on social media.

Being a person that loves hugs it was great to be met by a big hug from Jen, but my shuttle arrived and Jen was off to one of the special partner only meetings. I’d only been out for just over half an hour and I was meeting people already, this was a good feeling.

After clearing some emails for work at the hotel, sorting myself out with American money, American SIM in phone and some other bits and pieces I walked back into the convention centre, where I bumped into Jen again after registering, we went off to get some Mexican food from a restaurant before the “big event” in the arena.


It was interesting, if a little amusing, that among the promo boys and girls was Acumatica bill board bombing the Microsoft event.


At the area I met up with Steve Endow (GP MVP), Andrew Dean (Envisage Software)  and Habib Salim, I have known Andrew for many years, and have collaborated with Steve and Andrew on meetings before but never got to meet them in the flesh, it was great to get the opportunity like this. Three Dynamics GP developers from three continents converged on the Arena right there and then!

three amigos

@Scottgu then did the keynote introducing CRM aspects of Dynamics 365 – no really there was some finance type stuff in there somewhere, I think.




Around the audience, there were mutterings about real world, when all the examples of the seamless smooth operations of D365 were shown in the slick videos and demos.

Credit to them, Microsoft were showing an integrated experience that I don’t think is found elsewhere, just I struggled to see the ERP between the CRM –I guess financials is not as exciting to show?!

We did get shown power apps, something together with flow look interesting to look into.

The session closed with a Q&A that got a little more interesting as it was not as rehearsed.

“Q&A with @scottgu - if you choose to adopt (dyn365) it is easy, NAV & GP, migration tools available, but existing systems continue”

“Dynamics 365 first of many releases with significant advances, looked at integrating Dynamics across Microsoft #scottGu

“Dynamics CRM or AX online then it's a seamless move - AX on prem will continue #scottGu

“Hybrid solutions with on prem for your core and bridge out for optional cloud service extensions #gameChanger #ScottGU

It was obvious the on prem vs cloud issue was more important to ERP people than MS had anticipated.

This zero day Microsoft day was added on to Summit, lucky that I had added a day to my schedule when I originally booked my flights, in case there was pre-conference training I wanted. I know the introduction of D365 is causing disruption in the partner channel, there was lots of tight rope walking going on during Summit this year, I think there is a lot of adjusting to the new world for everyone to get their heads around and deal with. I was involved in many discussions over new products in the channel and the way they are marketed, what they are, how they are going to be sold, who is going to use them, where the sales are coming from, how ambitious the sales targets for the new products are etc. Also ISVs are wondering where they fit in, what the pie tastes like and how big a slice they are allowed. It is all very unsettling. Shhh don't talk about the GP migration tool... 

EXPO with David Musgrave...

We moved on from the arena walking over the road to the conference centre for Expo time. This is where I bumped into the GP legend David Musgrave MVP. David is a fixture when it comes to GP and a font of technical knowledge. He gave me the honour of touring the expo hall with me, where I got introduced and to meet so many people I already knew from the GP community. It actually amazed me just how many people I found that I knew as we walked the expo hall. Meeting people in person means you learn things about them, David travels with a lubricated Rubix cube, indeed he has a collection back at home and can solve them in a reasonable time! #Fact

It was so special to get to spend some time with the MVPs in the evening too. Here is the gallery of the people I got photos with.










MVP meet

 This was enough to come all this way for, to experience all this in one day! Thank you all for being so welcoming and overwhelmingly friendly and being such pleasant people. I love this community!

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