Printing to multiple UPS label printers (from Dynamics GP)

This is a quick note to self:

When an order is fulfilled it is routed electronically to the appropriate carrier depending on nature of the consignment.

The various carriers we use then print the thermal shipping label directly to the warehouse packing bench that is fulfilling that order. With one central thermal label printer an many benches, it is both ergonomically inefficient and too error prone (wrong labels get on wrong parcels).


UPS world ship

UPS Worldship allows printers to be defined and named within the world ship software. The printer can be one that is a network printer or a shared printer from another machine.

Each warehouse packing bench has a shared (or network) printer placed on it. Each of these printers is set up in WorldShip with the bench name (BENCH1..2…3..)

The GP fulfilment then sends that printer name of the bench that machine is on, within the XML for the despatch. The Worldship auto XML import picks up that printer name. That ensures that when the shipment is processed, the labels are routed to the originating warehouse packing bench thermal printer.


UPS use a bespoke driver for the Zebra thermal printers. In fact they even have their own badged version of the Zebra printers with UPS firmware on. This lets them get the fonts and layout of their label correct, so if using a non-UPS Zebra thermal printer you must install the UPS drivers on the machine and go into the printer settings and replace the stock driver with the UPS one. This works even for old DA402 up to the more modern GK series printers.

If you are putting your own logo on the UPS labels by using the custom label templates within Worldship, and thus are using the extended size label stock, you must also ensure that you use the zebra printer media calibration, found in the printer settings tools section to calibrate the printer stock size.


Thus we can now fulfil orders on many warehouse packing benches with one Worldship instance and thermal labels will print on the correct bench’s thermal printer.