Nolan Computers Credit Control Dynamics GP v9 SP3

Just a note if you use the Nolan Computers Credit Control module for Dynamics GP. 
We just went to apply the SP3 release to our clients and server only to find that it caused issues with Nolan credit windows.

As it happens we had been considering migrating to the native module now available with GP, so we have now got the keys for the native module and will be moving to that in the near future. I will cover that when we get to it. Aparently there is no migration wizard...

I'm certain a new release of Nolan will be available in a few days to cover SP3 so contact them if you want to keep using the product. We'd rather jump ship to the natively supported version and be carried along for the ride with whatever enhancments come our way. I doubt there are any plans to do much work with Nolan with the native verion now available.