Maker Faire 2016 application

That's the application for Maker Faire 2016 submitted, fingers crossed we get in.

This year I intend to move from the .NET microframework used in previous projects and to use the this as an excuse to try out the new Microsoft IoT Core platform. This is an exciting new platform and would be real nice to give it a project for Maker Faire.

The concept around this years application is a Sticker Forge. Participants will get to make custom stickers that they can take away. As always with Maker Faire, it is the presentation and interaction that counts as much as the idea. For this one I'm thinking at this point of hacking a 5 1/4 inch CD drive to make it into a stick scanner. 

The sticker scanner  will take the picture created by the visitors in some kind of 3D printed caddy that is placed in the CD drive. A web cam with special lens will take a photo of the picture, out of view of the visitors, there will need to be some entertaining lights or LCD screen to make this into some kind of "magical" process. 

The stickers will then be produced by dithering the photo to mono. Twitter integration would be cool to allow any picture to be printed to stickers. For the geeks, some kind of pre-supplied picture selection device is used. I'm thinking of giving each picture a decimal number, the visitor then has to convert the number to binary and enter it in some fancy binary "rack".

The whole thing needs making interesting with movement and flashing lights to make it visually eye catching.  

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