SYMA X8C X8HC 3.5mm pin out camera control signal

I was curious about the camera output on the SYMA X8 and how the controller causes the camera to activate.

Scope on Syma X8HC

Putting a 3.5 mm jack into the 3.5mm socket we find the following signals on the pins

Pole Signal
Tip Power 5V
Shield GND - 0V
Ring Control - nominally: 3.3V
Start/Stop video: 0V for 1 second
Take picture:  0V for 250 milliseconds


This is the scope showing the video signal (1s) and then the photo shot signal (250ms).

Syma X8C X8HC camera control scope 

I use a Runcam 2 for photography but wonder if this signal could be harnessed to trigger the RunCam and/or drone recovery buzzer for when it lands in the corn field!
I’ll expand on this post if I get anywhere with that idea.

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  • Hi, I have a question. I'm trying to do the same thing with my Promark P70-CW, which is an American clone of the Syma X8, and while the camera is a little different, it has the same headphone jack style control wire. I wanted to take 5V from it for my FPV camera, which should be easy. However, like you I also wanted to see if the control for the camera in the remote could be used to activate a recovery buzzer of some sort. So basically I reckon I'm asking if you ever found a way to do this? I guess it wouldn't be too hard to make something take the control signal from the remote and turn it into a signal that could trip a relay or a simple small FET transistor into powering a buzzer. I've already lost one drone for 3 days in a thick tree and it took using a scope off my wifes' crossbow to find the drone. A buzzer would have helped me almost immediately. Thank you for your time and any help in advance that you or anyone else here may offer Smile
    • Tim
      Most cost effective way is with a microprocessor and a transistor. I've not got around to it as been distracted with some other projects, but should be easy to do.
      I've lost a SYMA x8 in a forest but never recovered it, hence my interest in a recovery buzzer.


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