Convergence 2015–Atlanta USA


I just noticed tonight that there is a competition to win Convergence tickets, one has to sell one’s social media soul to enter though, but I’ve tried anyway. If I won, I’d have to find a sponsor pay for the airfare! – Perhaps someone would sponsor me presenting a session like, “.NET Microframework, GP & The Internet Of Things in a Service Orientated Architecture”, for example!

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For those of you who don’t know convergence – it is a massive conference in the USA and is packed full of more sessions than you can shake a stick at, on all kinds of subjects Dynamics related.

GP web client 2015 is first class

Perfect Image “Customer”  Day 2014

Perfect ImagePerfect Image are a professional Dynamics GP partner based in NE England and I was kindly invited to attend their customer day today. They are working with Amazon Web Services to deliver GP in The Cloud and have numerous other competencies, check them out for more information.

During the course of the day MS Dynamics MVP, Ian Grieve & colleges presented an overview of the the new features brought to the user base in the recent release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and GP 2010R2.

The best aspect of customer days is the opportunity they afford, to network with other fellow GP users,learn of their experiences and peek in at their worlds.

Agenda for the day was:

  • What’s New
    - what is in 2010R2 & 2015 releases, just a selection
  • Workflow
    -version 2 of workflow
  • Integration & Reporting
  • AWS & GP
  • Web Client
  • Upgrade & Planning


Ian GrieveThe day had a healthy amount of live demos, I enjoyed seeing the new workflow system (long overdue Microsoft!)  and the 2015 web client, for me the most significant take away was the revelation over the usability of the GP web client. I found the 2015 version, GP web client very responsive and possibly is as responsive as the windows client. Although I would like to see it under real world  load and with nine years of history in the DB, from the test company on a VM, it seems very responsive and from what I saw I’d even be happy to provide it to heavy users of GP. Well done MS Development team!
There would seem to be some more optimisations under the hood with the GP2015 release, as Ian pointed out, login and other features just seem a “lot snappier”. I did note the mouse scroll wheel behaviour was hit and miss on web client version I was testing, I need to do some research to see if that is a real issue or not.

How to bring seasonal joy to your GP users

Seasonal Splash Screen

The network team since I can remember have introduced seasonal splash screens to our Dynamics GP screen through the month of December. Usually with a warm message from the IT team. There are 24 different splash screens, each one switched via the login script, one for each day… count down to Christmas!

Below is what you could do, I threw it together as an example, although the ones the team do are far more fun, but it would be unfair to post the images here without permission!

splash1100 Christmas

How is it done?

Essentially if you drop a splash.bmp into the GP application directory, it will be displayed on startup. If no file is present, then an embedded splash screen is shown by default.

You can use a powershell script or batch file at login to switch the bitmaps intelligently as desired, number the files 1.jpg 2.jpg etc..

David Musgrave covers the detail of how to do this in his post Customise the Microsoft Dynamics GP Splash Screen where he also points to GP splash images over the years which is also worth a look.

So give it a go, you can grab the starting bitmap from one of those posts and embellish it as you see fit. Obviously you could be boring and add your support details on there or promote helpdesk open times or whatever!

Happy holidays!

Task Scheduler and COM automation

Note to self:

The solution for this appalling BUG in Microsoft IIS & Excel is terrific:

  1. Create directory "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile\Desktop " (for 64 bit Windows) or "C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\Desktop " (for 32 bit Windows)
  2. Set Full control permissions for directory Desktop (for example in Win7 & IIS 7 & DefaultAppPool set permissions for user
    "IIS AppPool\DefaultAppPool")