Windows snipping tool

Type “Snipping” in to Windows 7 start bar


Select snipping tool from the list

Snipping Start Menu View

You can now make window screen grabs or freehand screen grabs using this tool.

Snipping Tool View

Taking a screenshot of a drop down menu with the snipping tool

However you get stuck when you want to take a screen shot of a menu item like a right click menu or drop down program menu. In this case the snipping tool can be activated by pressing [CTRL] & [Prnt Scrn] together. This then switches on the screen grab mode of the snipping tool and you can snip away! Obviously you have to launch the Snipping Tool before it will let you active the screen grab with this key shortcut.

Windows 7 users (even XP if you install it from download at Microsoft)

You should look at the Problem Steps Recorder (type “psr” into your start menu). This tool will take a continuous run of screen grabs as you execute a process and at the end you may save them to a zip file. Ideal for use in documentation for a process in an application or computer.

“Disable Script” option greyed out in IE developer tools

I found this problem the other day, debugging a site I set the disable script option on the developer toolbar to check for none JavaScript browser support. Then later I wanted to use other sites as normal but found that all JavaScript was still disabled. Opening the developer tools, the option was greyed out in the developer tools of Internet Explorer thus I was unable to get JavaScript running again in the browser. I asked around the office to find others had seen this but never worked out how to fix it.

Disable script greyed out

I went experimenting, what I discovered was that this option is only available if the current site has trust. Try adding the site into trusted sites or Intranet under I was back in business.

Set the options in Internet Options

Tools>Internet Options>Security>Tusted Sites, Sites button, Add.

internet options

You MUST refresh the page for this to take effect.

The script option is available again. This was even though this site was on our intranet. Thus the automatic detection of Intranet sites in our scenario is not adequate.

Diable script option available

Watch out for directories called “POPUP”

One of our designers made an error today, placing images they wanted to appear in a directory called “POPUP”. We use the JavaScript library Lightbox to give smooth popup images for products in the website, so popup in that sense was appropriate.

The anti-virus solution we have has advertising blocking in it. This software running on the client machines blocked the functionality of the page. Thus making it useless.

After consulting me as to what the problem was, a lesson was learnt.


Don’t use directories names that sound like spam on your websites!

Installing EMC Documentum Developer Ed


DocumentumDL For personal interest I wanted to install EMC Documentum to understand more about how it works, what development API and SDK is offered and how Documentum compares Sharepoint as they both overlap each other, in the document management marketplace. We are already a EMC development partner, integrating with the EMC Centera product, so went to the EMC developer area and I downloaded the Documentum Developer edition.




Documentum Virtual PC Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008

Running Windows 7 on my laptop I wanted to use this as an opportunity to try out the recently installed Release Candidate of virtual PC, that is now a component of Windows 7. I normally use VMWare Workstation. Although the specification requested server 2003R2, I installed a copy of server 2008 as it is so quick to install compared to 2003. I went to install Documentum and found I needed the Java engine installing, so I installed that. I guessed I’d need SMTP server and IIS and a few other obvious services running on the server to support the application, I enabled the key ones.

OK so the installer does indicate it is only for 2003 R2 server, but what the heck, mostly things work ok on 2008 that claim to be for 2003, I tried and failed to get the install to work due to various errors including too many service brokers. After a few attempts followed what I am supposed to do…

Server 2003 R2

I then installed the server 2003 R2, installing the supporting windows features and Java I expected I needed. I also enabled the client tools to allow me to link to the Documentum installer files on the client machine.

I attempted to run the installer from the client, but this bombed out half way through on the SQL server install. So I moved the installer to the VM system drive root. This time the install failed again. Finally I disabled client tools and the install then seemed to work. I guess client tools opens a terminal server RDP connection to the VM, mapping the local resources (clue in the \\tsclient\ mappings). Something in the installer didn’t like the RDP connection as disabling the client tools seems to have worked.


Now to start prodding it to see what I could do with Documentum and see what integration may be possible.