Locking or freezing or hanging voiding sales order/quote in Dynamics GP

This is a really niche problem, as I have not already found it on the internet, I thought it worth posting.


When a user tries to void a sales document in Dynamics GP SOP Entry, the user session would hang. Lock escalation in SQL would then follow due to the blocking causing performance to be affected for other users.

Checking in SQL activity, the problem is from two different connection sids but from the same user concerned blocking each other.

Example SQL associated with those sessions is:


select count(*) from IS010001
where SOPNUMBE='11111'
and SOPTYPE=2 and LNITMSEQ=16384 and CMPNTSEQ=0

The issue looked to be linked to the manufacturing module dictionary being installed but the module was not fully configured. It was not being used.

Partial Solution

Taking the manufacturing module references out of DEX.INI of the client GP folder stopped the locking.


TSQL Str() Error converting data type varchar to float.

Found someone had made this mistake, beware when doing something like


where @LOCNCODE is a varchar

The function is defined as:

STR ( float_expression [ , length [ , decimal ] ] )

So the variable is getting converted to a float before it is then turned back into a character data type, problem in my case was that it had worked for years until LOCNCODE one day contained letters as well as numbers.


Dynamics GP Macro Reference

This post is based on the post by Mark Polino, that pointed out some work by Kevin Gross, a Macro reference for GP Macros that was located here (May 2015 link now dead, glad I preserved it!):

The Mark Polino’s post was here:

Kevin’s text has been extracted below to share with the community and for better Google indexing as it previously was not well indexed by search engines.


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