Visual Studio menu font size stuck after presenter mode

Presenter mode in visual studio (accessed via the quick launch at top right), allows VS to switch into a larger font layout, ideal for LCD projector presentations.

Presenter Mode Visual Studio

Whilst I had this mode on I had a crash in visual studio and had messed with other settings One of these meant that when I switched presenter mode off, it was no longer taking the font size of the Visual Studio menus back down to normal. Although for a couple of days I lived with the large fonts, I finally looked at it today. Get yourself to the following Visual Studio

Tools>>Options>>Environment>>Fonts and Colors *US spelling

or type fonts into the quick launch, quick launch is really helpful for these kind of things…

Quick Launch - To Find Fonts and Colors

Now in the options window use the drop down to to select Environment, followed by clicking the “Use Defaults” button. When the overall window is “OKed”, then Visual Studio will return to normal, this same procedure can also be used to correct any of the other options in the drop down box.

Font Settings set Environment & click Use Defaults

After doing this, presenter mode on/off works again as expected.

More about presenter mode

.NET Power Tip 6: Presenting in Visual Studio (Presentation Mode & ToolBox Snippets)

6 Quick Tips for Presenting Code in Visual Studio

Visual Studio Duplicate Menu Items

Visual Studio Duplicate Menu Items

Launching Visual Studio with a full drive caused the menus to duplicate, even after restart and making space they remained.

I had to use a Visual Studio reset to clear the problem, be warned it messes up your config, you will need to reinitialise your VS extensions.

Devenv.exe /resetuserdata

Alternative way to “open command prompt here”–windows hint

I was shown this at an MSDN event and use it regularly since. You can open a CMD prompt at the current location from windows explorer, simply by typing in the folder address bar, then hit return.

Navigate to location

Windows explorer showing folder contents

Type “cmd” into the address bar as shown below

explorer folder address bar has cmd typed into it

The cmd window will open up at the same folder location

cmd window opened at location of folder

This is equivalent to the more familiar [Shift]+Right Clicking in the explorer window and Open command window here


Running SumatraPDF from windows service

I can use Sumatra to print PDF from a windows service but the printer must be installed for the user the service is running as. If the user running the service does not have access to the printer, nothing will print.
To test you may log into the machine and go browse to the printer on the network, double click it to install the printer, now start the Sumatra service again, it will now print.
Dim printer_name As String = $"""{oPick.GetPickPDFPrinterName()}"""
Dim startInfo As System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo = New ProcessStartInfo()
startInfo.FileName = IO.Path.Combine(My.Application.Info.DirectoryPath, "SumatraPDF.exe")
startInfo.Arguments = $"-print-to {printer_name} {FilenameToPrint} -exit-on-print -silent"

startInfo.RedirectStandardError = True
startInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = True
startInfo.UseShellExecute = False

startInfo.CreateNoWindow = True
startInfo.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Hidden
Using proc As System.Diagnostics.Process = Process.Start(startInfo)
Dim soutput As String = proc.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd()
Dim eoutput As String = proc.StandardError.ReadToEnd()

Dim ReturnCode As Integer = 0
If proc.WaitForExit(15000) Then
If proc.ExitCode = 0 Then
Throw New Exception($"SumatraPDF.exe returned a non-zero return code,…
End If
Debug.Write($"Sending pick PDF to printer possibly failed,SumatraPDF.exe timed out..
End If
End Using