Dynamics GP - Manual Payment does not generate next cheque/check number or document number

Manual Payment empty document number, not defaulted

When making a manual payment normally, after selecting the payee, the cheque book attached to that payee is queried for its next cheque number, that is then auto populated into the “Document No” field shown.

Payables Manual Payment Entry

During month end we found all of a sudden this was not happening, instead the document number was being left blank. The previous payment only ten minutes earlier had been fine, correctly generating the number.

Cash receipts entry required field for Cheque/Card Number

Shortly after Sales ledger started complaining that cheque number field in cash receipts had suddenly become mandatory.

 Cash Receipts Entry

See in the above screen how the Cheque/Card Number is bold, indicating it is now mandatory, before this was not the case.

Remove Creditor Hold Password set to default

A third event also happened at the same time, which was that the password on payables for removing creditor holds, that previously was blank, suddenly had defaulted back to its default value of ACCESS.

Password defaulted

After some digging I figured out the cause of this was that the Payment Document Management module had been switched on somehow and had not been configured so was causing the blanks.


Payment Document Management 2150 PMNTDOC.DIC

Navigating to Dynamics GP>> Tools>> Setup>> Company>> Payment  Document Setup
Unchecking both check boxes turned off the module and behaviour resumed as per normal.

Company Payment Document Management


It is a mystery how this occurred but maybe someone else one day might find this post useful, if so do comment!

Correct reconcile Dynamics GP SOP batch totals and transaction counts without SQL

Sometimes batch totals and transaction counts get corrupted in GP, there can be many reasons behind this.

To correct them the check links maintenance routine can be executed for “Sales Work”. This will correct the batch totals but will take a very long time to run and is not the sort of thing to be doing during working hours.

Alternatively corrections can be made via SQL which is quick and can address multiple batches,

Reconciling SOP Batches - The Dynamics GP Blogstersome thought needs to be put into batch locking etc if this is to be used regularly as the script in its current form does not check if it is “allowed” to update the batch totals.

Similar post: Reconciling SOP Batches from WITHIN Dynamics GP

Today I found out another way that I thought worth recording for future reference, printing an edit list for the batch. Although this can only be used one batch at a time, it is quick and “built in” to GP.


Go to the Sales Batch Entry Window…

Transactions>>Sales>>Sales Batches


Select the SOP batch of interest and click the print icon.


In the Form to Print combo box, select Edit List and then click the print button.

Select a destination (to screen) in the print destination window that follows. After printing, leaving the batch and then going back into the batch, the totals will be found to be corrected.

Thanks for the hint from Jorge Mejia on GP forums: https://community.dynamics.com/gp/f/32/p/241273/665571#665571

Dynamics GP - SQL script to revert multiple bins into single bins

So you want to turn off multiple binning in Dynamics GP and need to record the multiple bin where the stock is held back into the basic single bin field against each location?

This script I just used to do that, it will pick the multiple bin with the most stock as the one to use for the single bin field. I would take a snapshot of the multiple bins table into excel, just for the record if performing this change (IV00112) and for future reference.

AS (
) RowSort
FROM iv00112
WHERE qtytype = 1

-- ,BIN
WHERE RowSort = 1
Then, turn off multiple bins in the inventory setup window, and reconcile the inventory after doing so.

Uppercase in computer records–please no!

From time to time you encounter systems where the company style is to capitalise names in the system. I know of users who might as well glue the caps-lock on!

When to use a capital letter

If faced with the, we have always done it this way problem, fight it. Excuses come out like its for users with vision problems (there are magnifiers and system tools to help there), improves clarity for parcels going overseas to other cultures (I doubt it makes much difference in compter type, maybe for hand written?), etc.

Capitalisation is a lossy process

In the context of company names, street names, people names, the capitalisation can be important as it conveys information that is lost if it is presented in entirely uppercase. 

  • McKenzie vs MCKENZIE
  • O'Donnell vs O'DONNEL
  • MacBain VS MACBAIN

There are many others and in other cultures where the capitalisation conveys information that cannot be recovered again if lose, by the use of automated processing.

Mail Merge

It makes it look bad for mail merges later too


Thank you for your order."

Just looks bad.

Thus don’t shout at your customers with capitals, use your SHIFT keys!