Windows 10 Comfort Curve 3000 keyboard sticking holding shift key

This may not just be windows 10, some searching turns up reports from Windows 7 onward.

On the desktop machine in question, holding the SHIFT key on the keyboard, causes windows 10 to stick or hold the shift key down even once the key is comes back up. This results in when typing top row numbers, punctuation is typed. Pressing the return key is like pressing shift return. This “feels like” this was the accessibility feature, sticky keys kicking in.

Checking with the Ease of Access Center, it seemed sticky keys was off.



Time for the old trick of turn it on and off, so check all the check boxes in that section, after clicking on the “Set up Sticky Keys” hyperlink.


Then click “Apply” and then unchecked all the boxes and click “Apply”.

Testing should show that holding the shift key for five seconds no longer locks the shift key.


I was wrong, this turns out to be actually to do with the keyboard hardware itself sleeping after four seconds.The keyboard then gets into a logic mess, latching the shift key. The keyboard LED goes out as it goes to sleep, after that the keyboard will then have a latched shift key.

Luckily the solution has been found on you tube, watch the video then find the solution in the comments of the video on you tube. (Basically go to power management tab in device manager for the USB input device (not the keyboard itself) and uncheck the checkbox so don't allow it to be turned off. 

Service Orientated Architecture & Dynamics GP–the future is bright

Andrew Haywood of m-hance #DYNBC14

Andrew Hayward keynote the m-hance conference earlier in the year

It being late December I’m reflecting on the year, one of the highlights for me was when I got the pleasure of a long chat, one to one, with Chad Sogge & Daryl Anderson and then a quick chat to Errol Schoenfish. I came away having learnt many things that have really changed my whole opinion of the Dynamics GP product future.

The move to service orientated architecture in GP 2015 version is perfect for developers, as is the tighter integration with .NET from Dexterity. This really does open up the product to do virtually anything we can dream up. In my view, this is a really significant moment in the evolution of GP. Today it can now leverage the investment Microsoft has made with the .NET framework and the full Microsoft product stack, including cloud computing.

I also observe Microsoft handing back third party products to the original developers and simultaneously unzipping the core product for more developers to build awesome things upon it. To me this feels like a message that – hey, we can’t be everything to everyone and also keep it all maintained and yet still drive the product forward, it’s time to let you do that for us.  Microsoft have a growing ISV community around that can build great things for specific market verticals,  thus allowing  Microsoft to maintain the framework, core product, adding new features and performance… boy so many features have been delivered recently! The agile development burndown cadence MS have at the moment is really swelling the bullet points in the sales datasheets and giving us plenty of “new toys” to implement! Smile

I do think there are some amazing years ahead of us in the Dynamics world, presenting many opportunities for the ISV community to grow and build some great products on top of our Fargo friends hard work! I can’t wait to see what the next year brings on.

Convergence 2015–Atlanta USA


I just noticed tonight that there is a competition to win Convergence tickets, one has to sell one’s social media soul to enter though, but I’ve tried anyway. If I won, I’d have to find a sponsor pay for the airfare! – Perhaps someone would sponsor me presenting a session like, “.NET Microframework, GP & The Internet Of Things in a Service Orientated Architecture”, for example!

“Enter to win a FREE Up! Pass to Convergence 2015

Don’t miss your opportunity to win your way to Convergence 2015 in Atlanta! We are giving one lucky winner the ultimate Convergence experience with a FREE Up! Pass (valued at $2,145). We are also giving away five $100 gift cards to some of Atlanta's top restaurants. All you have to do is enter our giveaway on Facebook. But hurry, the giveaway ends December 22, 2014 at 11:59pm ET!”

For those of you who don’t know convergence – it is a massive conference in the USA and is packed full of more sessions than you can shake a stick at, on all kinds of subjects Dynamics related.

GP web client 2015 is first class

Perfect Image “Customer”  Day 2014

Perfect ImagePerfect Image are a professional Dynamics GP partner based in NE England and I was kindly invited to attend their customer day today. They are working with Amazon Web Services to deliver GP in The Cloud and have numerous other competencies, check them out for more information.

During the course of the day MS Dynamics MVP, Ian Grieve & colleges presented an overview of the the new features brought to the user base in the recent release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and GP 2010R2.

The best aspect of customer days is the opportunity they afford, to network with other fellow GP users,learn of their experiences and peek in at their worlds.

Agenda for the day was:

  • What’s New
    - what is in 2010R2 & 2015 releases, just a selection
  • Workflow
    -version 2 of workflow
  • Integration & Reporting
  • AWS & GP
  • Web Client
  • Upgrade & Planning


Ian GrieveThe day had a healthy amount of live demos, I enjoyed seeing the new workflow system (long overdue Microsoft!)  and the 2015 web client, for me the most significant take away was the revelation over the usability of the GP web client. I found the 2015 version, GP web client very responsive and possibly is as responsive as the windows client. Although I would like to see it under real world  load and with nine years of history in the DB, from the test company on a VM, it seems very responsive and from what I saw I’d even be happy to provide it to heavy users of GP. Well done MS Development team!
There would seem to be some more optimisations under the hood with the GP2015 release, as Ian pointed out, login and other features just seem a “lot snappier”. I did note the mouse scroll wheel behaviour was hit and miss on web client version I was testing, I need to do some research to see if that is a real issue or not.